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Kids’ and parents’ counseling

Being a parent is truly challenging. Keeping balance and self-care could be difficult, especially if the child is struggling. At times we would like to make sure that our child’s development is uninterrupted or to get empathetic support in the mindful parenting. Parents tend to seek support in the following situations:

  • Recent or planned changes (pregnancy, starting preschool or school, moving places, divorce, illness in the family)
  • The child got aggressive, uncooperative (“always says no”)
  • The child has many arguments or conflicts with other children, s/he bites or hits them
  • The child is experiencing difficulties, can’t sleep, started wetting the bed or stopped pooping, refuses to attend school or preschool, seems depressed
  • The child started dieting, the parent observes self-injury
  • The child stays in his room for hours, avoids contact, plays games or seems attached to his/her mobile phone
  • The child seems timid and scared of multiple things
  • The child reports headaches, stomachache, feels bad without a medical reason
  • The parent is concerned with the development (speaking, potty training, socializing with others, learning empathy)
  • The parent is exhausted, overwhelmed, needs support or ideas to solve the problem
  • Preschool or school reports behavioral, learning or relationship struggles
  • Group problems: conflicts, biting, hitting, aggression
  • Communication problems between parents, parents and school – I assist the parties in hearing each other and find the common ground.

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Women counseling and crisis intervention

Women take special place in my psychological practice. I provide empathetic support in psychological crisis, when you feel down, your resources are depleted or you need help to reconnect to your needs or cope with overwhelming emotions. I’m specialized in the maternity-related topics – pregnancy, birth and close relationships.

Most common reasons to make an appointment:

  • You feel overwhelmed, exhausted
  • You feel sad or anxious most of the time
  • You get angry more often than usual or you’d like to redefine your anger
  • There’s a recurring story in your life (e.g. break-ups, violent partner) and you’d like to explore what it tells you
  • You’ve experienced a painful loss
  • You’re about to take a big decision and you’d like to explore your options
  • You think you don’t communicate your boundaries and end up abused
  • You’d like to look into your relationships, conflicts or difficulties in your family

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Education support

Are you a teacher, headteacher, child specialist? Would you like to work on your professional skills or get support to solve a specific problem? I’m available for one-time consultations or long-term support in your nursery, preschool or school. The support might include:

  • individual psychological diagnosis,
  • observation of a group or a child,
  • consultations for teachers or parents,
  • supporting professional development,
  • individual early support,
  • group classes in response to current issues (e.g. assertiveness, social skills, improving group relationships).
Education support

Workshops for parents and teachers

I’ve been listening to parents and teachers for years. Workshops are a great opportunity to discuss the children’s development, seek answers to your questions “Is that normal? Is it supposed to look like this?” and exchange ideas to solve specific problems at home or at school. I make sure the workshops take place in the empathetic atmosphere of a “supportive village” and respond to your needs.

The most common topics: empathetic communication, psychological birth classes, the restorative micro-circles, attachment parenting, conflict resolution, preschool adaptation, the child’s development, anger and tantrums, preparation for becoming a big brother/sister, babies’ sleep, picky eating, developmental disorders – how to recognize the symptoms, where to seek support, kids’ aggression, puberty.

The list of ongoing events can be found here.

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Do you need support?

If you’re worried about your child’s behaviour, you’re trying to understand the reasons for it, it’s worth to seek help. Contact me and make an appointment online or offline (Wrocław, Poland). Let it be the first step towards feeling better.

About me

Family RB psychologist in Wrocław and online

If you’re worried about your child’s behaviour or state, you need support, you’re going through a crisis – make an appointment online or offline (Wrocław, Poland). I’m specialized in the Non-Violent Communication and the Attachment Parenting. It means I do not judge you nor your child and I will help you listen to the needs beyond the behaviour, with respect to the balance of your family.


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