Home visits

If you’re pregnant, you’ve just had a baby, the commute is way too long or you want to be around the kids “just in case”, the home visit might be an option for you. However, please make sure you can talk freely.

  • Choose a place where we can be alone. I encourage you to have someone else take care of the kids as this protects them and gives you space for all the thoughts and emotions. It’s not necessary for both parents to participate in the consultation but it is your decision and it might be valuable to your family.
  • If you have some sort of a routine or the time during the day that is the most convenient to you, tell me about it (e.g. nap time, both parents at home). This way there’s a better chance that you’d use your time fully and it’ll be just for you.
  • During the consultation I switch off my mobile phone. Please, make sure you have that comfort, too – the phonecalls or messages don’t distract you. Visits cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the consultation are paid 80%.
  • You don’t need to get ready – I don’t mind the kids’ toys or the family mess. It’s the place where you all live, I get that.


Consultation lasts 55 minutes, it starts and finishes on time.


You can pay by card or in cash.


Should you have any questions or doubts, do not hesitate to ask them.

Karla Orban - psycholog rb

Do you need support?

If you’re worried about your child’s behaviour, you’re trying to understand the reasons for it, it’s worth to seek help. Contact me and make an appointment online or offline (Wrocław, Poland). Let it be the first step towards feeling better.

About me

Family RB psychologist in Wrocław and online

If you’re worried about your child’s behaviour or state, you need support, you’re going through a crisis – make an appointment online or offline (Wrocław, Poland). I’m specialized in the Non-Violent Communication and the Attachment Parenting. It means I do not judge you nor your child and I will help you listen to the needs beyond the behaviour, with respect to the balance of your family.


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