What does RB Psychologist is?

What does RB stand for?
RB (rodzicielstwo bliskości, attachment parenting) is a parenting philosophy that guides me in my work with children and their beloved ones. For me it is based on the needs of the family members (especially yours!), the resources you all have at the moment and personal boundaries. Abroad, the attachment parenting is a philosophy originated by William and Martha Sears however in Poland it was greatly influenced by the NVC (Non-Violent Communication) and it varies slightly from its original form.

In RB the child does not ask “What is the rule? What will they do to me if I break it? If I do it for them, will it pay off?”. Instead, s/he asks “What do I (he, she) need? How does it work for me/him/her?”. RB is sometimes mistaken with permissive parenting (“stress-free”); however in RB the parents are leaders, they say “No”. They do it without using rewards and punishments, they rely on communication and looking beneath the behavior. They search for needs, emotions, resources that the certain behavior involves and they see if they could support either of them. This process includes the needs, emotions and resources of the parent.

Some of the authors and psychologists that specialize in RB: Bowlby, Ainsworth, Alfie Kohn, Jesper Juul, Carlos Gonzalez, the Sears, Faber and Mazlish, Daniel Siegel and many others.

Who is the “RB” psychologist, then?
The way I feel about it, it is a specialist who begins with understanding the needs, resources and boundaries of the client. I support empathy-based communication and searching for strategies that allow you to have secure and close relationships within your family. This method extends from children to adults - whenever I work with them individually, I provide a safe environment, acceptance and empathy.

Do I have to be a certain parent to benefit from your help?
No. Regardless of your parenting style and values, my role is to support you. I provide support if you’re bottle-feeding, breastfeeding, when you’ve chosen to homeschool or send your child to a public school etc. We’re always close to your values.

Karla Orban - psycholog rb

Do you need support?

If you’re worried about your child’s behaviour, you’re trying to understand the reasons for it, it’s worth to seek help. Contact me and make an appointment online or offline (Wrocław, Poland). Let it be the first step towards feeling better.

About me

Family RB psychologist in Wrocław and online

If you’re worried about your child’s behaviour or state, you need support, you’re going through a crisis – make an appointment online or offline (Wrocław, Poland). I’m specialized in the Non-Violent Communication and the Attachment Parenting. It means I do not judge you nor your child and I will help you listen to the needs beyond the behaviour, with respect to the balance of your family.


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