What does “RB” stand for? RB (rodzicielstwo bliskości, attachment parenting) is a parenting philosophy that guides me in my work with children and their beloved ones. For me it is based on the needs of the family members (especially yours!), the resources you all have at the moment and personal boundaries. Abroad, the attachment parenting is a philosophy originated by William and Martha Sears however in Poland it was greatly influenced by the NVC (Non-Violent Communication) and it varies slightly from its original form.

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About me

I’m a psychologist with more than ten years of experience in supporting families and children. I’ve worked with toddlers, preschools, schools (including international high school). I’m specialized in four main areas:

kids’ and parents’ counseling (including diagnosis)

counseling for women, especially in the pre- and post-partum period

education support for nurseries, preschools and schools

workshops for parents and teachers.

The way I feel about it, being a “RB” psychologist makes me begin with understanding the needs, resources and boundaries of the client. I support empathy-based communication and searching for strategies that allow you to have secure and close relationships within your family. This method extends from children to adults - whenever I work with them individually, I provide a safe environment, acceptance and empathy.

You can set up a meeting in my office in Wrocław (Krzyki) or schedule an online appointment via Skype.

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I listen to you without judgement or criticism.


The sessions are confidential. Your trust is of the utmost importance to me.

Experience and growth

I attend many seminars and courses, in Poland and abroad, to ensure the highest quality of the help you’re getting. I regularly supervise my work with more experienced supervisors.


I respect the needs of every human being. I do not judge your decisions, situation you’re in, parenting or intimate lifestyles.

Psycholog Wrocław - o mnie

My role is to help you listen to yourself and trust what you hear.

More about me and my work


I’m specialized in four main areas:

Kids’ and parents’ counseling

Being a parent is challenging. It is hard to maintain balance and take care of yourself, especially if the child experiences developmental or behavioral difficulties.

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Counseling for women, especially in the pre- and post-partum period

I provide empathetic support in the mental crisis, when you feel your resources are gone or you seek help to recognize your needs and cope with overwhelming emotions.

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Education support for nurseries, preschools and schools

If you’re a teacher, children specialist or the head of school who face challenges or simply wish to develop professional skills, contact me.

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Workshops for parents and teachers

Workshops are the opportunity to discuss the aspects of the child development, seek answers to questions you’ve been asking yourself or exchange ideas on solving a specific problem and recharge your batteries.

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About me

Family RB psychologist in Wrocław and online

If you’re worried about your child’s behaviour or state, you need support, you’re going through a crisis – make an appointment online or offline (Wrocław, Poland). I’m specialized in the Non-Violent Communication and the Attachment Parenting. It means I do not judge you nor your child and I will help you listen to the needs beyond the behaviour, with respect to the balance of your family.


The office in Wrocław
Krzycka St. 83a/1a
53-019 Wrocław
Online consultations via Skype
Email karla@psychologRB.pl