Consultations at the office

If you’ve made a parenting/child-related appointment, please remember that the child never participates in the first meeting. This practice allows parents share information and express emotions freely, without harming the child or censoring themselves. It’s not necessary for both parents to attend the consultation, however it might be beneficial and valuable for you.

If the child’s attendance is required (e.g. to diagnose the readiness for school, dyslexia or the Asperger’s syndrome), we will discuss the form of the meeting, diagnosis and the results. Small children always come with the parent – their comfort and safety are the most important. School-aged children decide if they want to participate with a parent.

My office offers coffee, tea, water and snacks. It’s kids’ friendly – there are toys, toilet accessories for small children. You can feed the baby during the visit. 50m away from the office there is a cafeteria with lots of toys, a changing table and a wide offer of classes for kids. The playground is located just next to it.

During the consultation I switch off my mobile phone. Please, make sure you have that comfort, too – the phonecalls or messages don’t distract you. Visits cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the consultation are paid 80%.

Everything you tell me and the fact that you’ve had a consultation is strictly confidential (the only limitation to patient-psychologist confidentiality is the risk to your life or lives of others). I take notes during the meeting, if something seems important and I would like to ask you about it later on. Nobody has access to my notes, I never note anything that would allow to identify you in case of a security breach.

I can support you in making changes you desire but I never decide for you, I will not suggest it either. We can only go through your resources, options, consequences and emotions.

You don’t need to prepare to the meeting – don’t worry if you don’t know where to start or you’re afraid you’ll “say something wrong”. I’m not here for judgement of you or your family. When we talk, I focus on your thoughts, emotions and areas I could support you. It is a safe place you can express all of your fears and doubts.


Consultation lasts 55 minutes, it starts and finishes on time. Please, don’t be late.


In the office you can pay by card or in cash. Online consultations need to be paid by the bank transfer prior to the visit – you will receive the bank transfer details at least three days before the appointment.


Should you have any questions or doubts, do not hesitate to ask them.

See you in the office!

Karla Orban - psycholog rb

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